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Past work

Our work covers a wide-range of projects from specific publications and websites to ongoing planning and support. These are just a few examples.

Selected projects

Hot Mama Salsa photo

Business Loan Heats Up Hot Mama Salsa: Hot Mama Salsa received Business Impact NW's first microloan in the Portland area. This blog post profiles the owner and her plans for using the loan to grow her business.

Write as Rain interviewed the business owner and wrote the story.

Seattle Public Schools levy report: Every three years, the school district prepares and distributes A Report to the Community, Your Tax Dollars at Work. The publication delivers information on how levy funds are being used to improve schools and meet the needs of students, teachers and staff. It is a part of the district's efforts to be accountable to Seattle taxpayers, who approve levy funds for capital improvements and operating expenses. The audience is Seattle voters, families of students, elected officials and district employees.

Write as Rain collected information wrote the content, selected and edited photos. Our production expert designed and updated the format template, and provided layout services. Once the brochure was reviewed and approved by district staff, Write as Rain managed the printing, proofing and press check.

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Business Impact NW info sheet: This nonprofit had been in a one-year preparation phase and now needed to start sharing information about the initial programs and partnerships. Audiences included potential credit union partners, small business owners and college students who might consult with the small business clients.

Write as Rain drew background information from Business Impact NW staff and crafted the piece with a short deadline. It is the first branded material for the nonprofit beyond business cards and other business papers.

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Federal Way Public Schools newsletter stories: The school district needed to explain the changes happening in the classroom due to new state learning standards. Math and English/Language Arts are being taught in unfamiliar ways, creating discomfort in people who don't understand why the changes have been made. The biggest challenge was making the information accessible and understandable for readers with a wide-range of educational experience, including English as a second language, without losing the more sophisticated readers.

Write as Rain interviewed subject matter experts, researched the changes and drafted stories on reading, writing and math. The resulting pieces appeared as a two-page spread in the Fall 2015 issue of Progress Report to the Community, a bi-monthly newsletter sent to homes within the district boundaries.

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FS Financial Strategies website content: After working with the designer on color, logo and website design, this financial advisory firm asked Write as Rain to develop the text. As the owner is the brand, it was important to capture her personality and voice so the website could be a warm and approachable first point of contact.

We spent several hours discussing her approach, philosophy towards clients and what challenges those clients might be facing. After launch, a new client said the website showed FS Financial Strategies was exactly what she was looking for.